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You can ever have, when you tell your seller that you have sold their home, or the buyer that their offer has been accepted, then to witness the relief on their faces is so precious. And when they give you that big hug and say "thank you" you did a great job. It’s that one moment I’ll never forget! Only then does one realise, once again you have helped people move on in their quest for a new lifestyle.



The following clients are just a handful that I have personally had the pleasure of selling their home, achieving the "the best price" or for the buyer, finding the perfect home, in the perfect resort, at the perfect price, to suit the buyers budget.  

You may recognise some of these names as distant neighbours or friends that may have crossed your path, that in itself is another testimonial of trust.


MY CLIENT LIST IS NEVER ENDING………………………………......................................................................

Nita & Ray Bellay, John & Sandra Green, Jeffrey & Brenda Aides, Greg & Denise Ambrose, Colleen Anderson, Ian & Marianne Adern, Leon Baird, Fred & Margaret Balchin, Willie & Marjorie Balsch, Frank& Sharon Barry, Don & Elaine Bartlett, Kath & Allan Batho, Terry & Val Blackburn, Bill & Margaret Bendall, Bev Benson, Bev Dawn, David & Joan Bird, Jack & Norma Bird, Bill & Muriel Black, Eric & Betty Blackler, Geoff Blackney, Frank & Kathy Blake, Willie & Maria Blom, Richard & Lorna Blomfield, Ruth Boath, Nev & Kay Boland, Alan Bold, Bob & Elaine Boland, Charles Bonnici, Bob & Christina Boyd, Robert & Margaret Brown, Noel Burgess, John & Dianne Burt, Arthur & Pat Busby, Colin & Laurice Butler, Doug & Mary Cain,  Stafford & Bev Clark, June Clarke, Alexa Cole, Graham & Pat Cole, Mike & Hilda Collins, John & Mikki Cooke, Ces & Anne Coombridge, Harry Cooper, Carole Coupe, Oswald Cowling, Alan Crawford, Mike & Pam Crawford, Noel Critchley, Ralli Crossley, Arthur & Donna Crummer, Pam Cuthbert, Eric & Angela Cutler, Trevor & Robyn Dale, Emile Daniel, Pat Dadart, Liz Davies, Bev Dawkins, Stan Dawson, Keith Dewhirst, Gertrude Dick, Paul Donnelly, Les & Juleen Drescher, Ray & Eilleen Dudley, David & Barbara Duffin, Ray & Rosemary Dunbar, Wayne & Kay Dunlop, Rob & Myrna Ellem, Margaret Elliott, Les & Theresa Exell, John & Pat Farrell, Keith & Kay Lewis, Yvonne Moller, Rob & Heather Shields, Percy Smith, Ron & Cindy Powell, Robert Usher, Kaija Yolen, George Alldridge, Jeff Boyle, Mrs Daley, John & Vicki Mc Kimmin, Alan Collins, David & Leslie Cootes, Terry & Val Sharpin, Joh & Wendy O’Connor, Bill & Dinah Collins, Russell & Trish Ferguson, Jack Ford, Kevin & May Franklin, Harry Freeman, Neville & Judith Gaffney, Ron & Judy Gascoyne, Anne Geiger, David Gibbs, Charlotte Gibson, Hugh Gilmore, David & Janette Gilmour, Ray Godden, Christine Godfrey,Fred & Christine Bell, Terry & Christine Warren, Alexa Cole, Ken & Norma Fear, Bill & Colleen Nairn, Jack & Doreen Cropper, Margaret Murray, Graeme & Carol Heisner, Stan & Jessie Kaddatz, Brian & Sonia Ryerson, Des & Fay Foley, Ken & Marg Ashcroft, Peter & Val Barr, Roly & Thelma Naumann, Jessica & Howard Gare, Kevin & Jillian Brown, Warren & Christine Bell, Wendy Goodridge, Janet Gray, Trevor & Nance Green, Ivy Grienke, George & Norma Grimes, Verlie Guest, Margaret Winn, Frank & Elsie Charlesworth, Jon & Lorraine Hughes, Savirea Rasso, Donald GueriOscar & Nancy Castillo, Shirley Cousins, Marty Bos & Barbara Bennett, Bill & Lois Pudney, Jack & Dulcie Seker, Bill Powton & Helen Taylor, Noel & Joan Collis, Lynda Hume, Peta & Vivi Heinonen, Brian & Sonia Ryerson, Frank & Linda Whitby, John & Patricia Robertson, Stella & George Farmer, Georgina Matthews, Peter Curtis, Richard & Shirley Torney, Jim & Carol Walsh, Judy Bastin, Peter & Vera Smith, Margaret Fryer, Kevin & Fran Gumbleton, Harry & Joanna Aske, Barry & Jan Wheeler, Margaret Mc Sweeney, Lillian Foran, Shirley Dodds, Lorraine Doonan, Edwina Dillon, Terri Munt, David & Sheila Kane, Laurie & Rose Kelly, Vic & Beryl Kelly, Merlie Moonie, Tom & Allison Crook, Kate & Barry Brims, John & Sandra Mortensen, Charles Lindenman, Dorothy Thorsen, Reg & Carol Thomas, Sylvia Hoath, Sue Hutchins, Mike & Bev Grove, Mr Armstrong, Ms Stevenson, Bob & Trisch Gray, Vee Chatterton, Lee & Sandra Williams, Kevin & Jennifer Cameron, Rick & Mavis Aldermann, Jeff & Judy Adams, Dot & Barry Cole, Cecilia Hamilton, Kay Harris, John & Judy Hancock, Thomas Hardy, Henry & Cecilia Harman, Kay Harris, Margaret Harrower, Phyllis Hartwig, Eeva Hautala, Bob & Mary Heaton, Paul & Bev Hearn, Pauline Herman, Geoff & Lorna Heyne, Cyril & Jenette Hoare, Dorothy Hoare, Ron & Beryl Weeks, Pat & Anne Perry, Wally & Nancy Beale, Margaret Winn, Terry & Betty Cahill, Gary Grey, Bob & Rhonda Thistle, Graeme & Delia Shipley, Tony & Nesby Tooweel, John & Norma Cornwell, Jayson & Kristine Smith, Bob & Pearl Heeney, Jim & Joan Kirgan, Mr & Mrs Jack Cropper, Murray & Pat Jensen, Albert & Lona Bridgewater, Alan & Sally Smith, Alan Archer, Zol & Myra Gonda, Ruth Boath, Mr & Mrs Charlesworth, Mr & Mrs Craig, Faye Mitchell, Tony & June Ahern, Paul Rafferty, Michael & Rosemary French, John Bishop, Murray & Lorraine Handley, John & Margaret McDonald, Nadine Read, Ron & Shirley Patterson, Ken & Marion Flick, Rob & Joy Hollyoak, Paul Lamb, Joyce Walsh, Suzie Bradshaw, Jochem & Marianne Pape, Herschell & Jan Baker, Beth Clark, Jeanette Gill, Ron & Anne Wiskar, Mike Smith & Anne Stevens, Ian & Robyn Liddell, Julie Brisby, David & Kath Wiley, Ray & Robyn Pantlin, Cathy Church, John & Barbara Kirkby, Mr & Mrs Gembal, Mr & Mrs Della Vergin, Mike & Helli Gratten, Roger & Patricia Jackson, Daphne Christensen, Mike Stevensen, Josef & Margaret Schausberger, Colin & Patricia Baker, Rose McKeown, Bruce & Margaret Tait, Leo & Margaret Parker, Robert & Dianne Jackson, Ray & Kathleen Webb, Rex Williams, Patricia Timmins, Barbara Walker, Trevor Pearson, Christine White, Gayle Adamson, Sharyn Johnston, Ray & Lyn Whittaker, Von Dalton, Effie Bauer, Annie Gilpin, Tony & Gail Turner, Julie Hudson, Alan & Colleen Jones, John & Margaret Snodgrass, Bev Clarkson, Terry McDonald, Audrey Greensill, Brian & Jill Yarnold, Adrian & Antoinette Vanroon, Noel & Lorraine Swinburn, Patricia Hart..My apologies if I have missed your name but I've run out of space!